Dear Friends and Partners,

I am excited and honored to begin a new chapter with The Military Health Project and Foundation as I serve in the roles of President and Executive Director. This is an incredible opportunity to work for a leading organization focused on the health and stewardship of our service members and their families.

As I step into and transition into the role of Executive Director, one of my main priorities is to continue fostering meaningful working relationships and collaborations that our Founder and President Emeritus helped to build in this position over the last six years. Our service members and their families face innumerable pressures and challenges, but I am optimistic that we will continue to make a positive and lasting impact through our collective work.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion and a desire to work for those who have served our country in the most meaningful way. I am eager to apply my many personal and professional experiences gained over the last number of years of work to the Military Health Project and Foundation and bring it into the next phase of its evolution. As we grow and acclimate to an ever-changing world, we will continue to strive towards organizational sustainability, adaptability, and perseverance.

I would also like to recognize the tremendous effort put forth by staff and the board - an amazing group of talented people who make our organization what it is today. Their collective skills and passion are unmatched and I appreciate their dedication to our work and look forward to leading the organization to a bright future alongside them.

My motivation and hope are that my children and other future generations will have the same opportunities to help others as I have and that they will have the passion, information, and tools they need to be the stewards of our citizenship and patriotism for years to come. Working for The Military Health Project and Foundation affords me the opportunity to blend my aspiration to make both an immediate and future impact on the health of service members and the communities that depend on them.

Time to get to work, I look forward to working with you all.

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In Solidarity,

Spencer M Dayton, MPA, JM
President & Executive Director
Military Health Project And Foundation

New President & Executive Director Named

June 2019


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