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 To provide resources to service-members, veterans and military families affected by physical or mental health related challenges.


Research & Programs

At the core of every government-run program and/or service there is a research component providing an evidence-based measure of success that enables that program to receive funding via tax dollars.

Typically, without research and an evidence-based measures of success most programs and services that are in their preliminary stages will not receive the resources necessary to be enacted or completed. Part of our job as an advocacy organization is to find and identify programs and services that are working, but may not have or receive the resources to transcend to the next step in programmatic development.

The Military Health Foundation endeavors to create viable programs that are working for military personnel, veterans and their families. If a specific course of action helps one person or one family then to us it is worth looking into because it may have the potential to become a countywide, statewide or nationwide pilot program capable of assisting many more people than are currently being reached.

Community Partnerships

Once something has been done we don't want to do it again, not re-inventing the wheel is something that pretty much everyone can agree with.

Collaboration and partnership are also key to our strategy as the duplication of efforts drains both time and resources that could be meaningfully put to use elsewhere. Effective advocacy is a team effort. This is a realm where the research, ideas, and talents of others represent the best way forward in tackling very difficult yet utterly important issues.

Through community partnerships we seek to actively engage the other organizations that desire to improve services and programs for military personnel, veterans and their families.Thus, the Military Health Project extends an open call to organizations, community groups and other entities with similar goals. We want to work with you, because together we can succeed.


We are a non-profit organization that raises funds to bridge the gap in healthcare costs for military and veteran individuals and their families. Our all-volunteer staff works tirelessly to procure funds from private donors and grants in order to support individuals and families in need.

Private Donations

Assisting our military and veteran population is a worthy cause that inspires individuals and companies to donate to our fund. Our board members directly approach potential donors to ensure a personal interaction where we can truly convey the importance of their contributions. Our success stories are featured (with permission from the individuals/families) so that donors can see exactly where their money is making life-changing impact.

Grant Requests

We scour requests for applications for grants in order to supplement the private donations. Various foundations and corporations have funds available to help military and veteran recipients as well as cover healthcare needs. We direct those funds toward bridging the gap in healthcare coverage for our beneficiaries. Follow-up reporting to the grantors ensures accountability and transparency in how those funds are utilized.


The Military Health Project & Foundation is an IRS Tax-Exempt 501c(3) organization.

All contributions are tax deductible. 

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