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To increase access and improve quality of health care for all members of the uniformed services, veterans and their families.


As a non-partisan organization, we strive to increase access to and improve quality of  health care services for all military personnel, veterans and their families. We accomplish this through legislative advocacy and technological integration and innovation. Our goal is to ensure true parity; not only between mental and physical health care, but also parity in the health and human services provided across all seven of the uniformed services.

Research and Programs

At the core of every government-run program and/or service there is a research component providing an evidence-based measure of success that enables that program to receive funding via tax dollars.

Typically, without research and an evidence-based measures of success most programs and services that are in their preliminary stages will not receive the resources necessary to be enacted or completed. Part of our job as an advocacy organization is to find and identify programs and services that are working, but may not have or receive the resources to transcend to the next step in programmatic development.

The Military Health Project endeavors to create viable programs that are working for military personnel, veterans and their families. If a specific course of action helps one person or one family then to us it is worth looking into because it may have the potential to become a countywide, statewide or nationwide pilot program capable of assisting many more people than are currently being reached.

Legislative Advocacy

Legislative advocacy is one of our most powerful tools to create change within the current construct of the Department of Defense, Veterans Administration and TRICARE.

Through engaging Congress in meaningful discussions we identify salient issues such as lack of parity between the mental health services and healthcare services that are provided to veterans versus those provided to active duty personnel and their families. Once a problem area has been identified we work with Congressional Staff and Representatives to determine a measured course of action to solve the problem.

Technological Innovation and Integration

We live in an age where the computers that once occupied entire buildings now fit in the palm of our hand. Technology and government have in the past had a tenuous relationship. We want to change that.   

The Military Health Project wants to drive the integration of new and improved technology into the realm of government departments and systems. Organizations like the Veterans Administration are stuck with antiquated systems, technology and procedures. Why not use advances in technology to the advantage of government? Because our organization recognizes the unique challenges that government faces in adopting and utilizing new technologies, we are working with both new and old companies that specialize in health care. These companies want to help people and they, like us, believe that the utilization of new technology is the best way to do so. The Military Health Project works with these companies to connect them with service provision organizations with the end goal of developing a pilot program showcasing how the use of technology can help the government serve our military and veteran families.


The Military Health Project & Foundation is an IRS Tax-Exempt 501c(3) organization.

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